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Floating Concepts are property developers on water, rather than land. We specialise in providing floating solutions for the development of water space which are tailored to suit the location. We undertake master planning & feasibility studies through conceptual to detailed design and planning. Public consultation can be an important part of this process.

Floating Concepts will also supply, or design and construct, bespoke floating structures from individual floating dwellings or offices for small businesses to comprehensive mixed use developments incorporating hotels, apartment blocks, office, leisure and community buildings. Its design solutions can range from yacht marinas to houseboat developments; from small clusters of floating structures through to comprehensive mixed use schemes; from floating features to whole communities.

Floating Concepts is looking at waterspace throughout the UK on which to carry out floating developments. Wherever you live, if you like the idea of being one of the first to live or work in an exciting new floating community, why not tell us about it and register you interest now. You never know, we might be just about to announce our next development in your area! Contact us on 01625 400 802.

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