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Illustration of Floating Homes on water

In an urban context a Floating Concepts development will in all likelihood be the most appropriate, if not the only, opportunity to provide much needed leisure, residential and social facilities.  In these locations the developments will be designed to respond to the urban grain and the character of the surrounding built environment.  This provides a much needed connection with, and access to, the water where none currently exists... a chance to get down to the water's edge.  Quaysides will frequently provide at least a one storey change in level down to pontoon level, so two and three storey developments will be easily accommodated, with developments stepped to provide a range of waterside experiences.


Floating Homes Plan Outline 1


Typically, facilities will include:

  • Live/work units and residential floating homes/apartments
  • Crèche and child activity centre
  • Marina/Harbour with harbourside bars, cafés and restaurants.

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In undeveloped locations, the Floating Concept below aims to balance the desire to be close to the water with a need to respect and preserve the beauty of its natural environment.  The organic form of the cluster is a response to the surrounding landform and topography.  A floating bridge links the core pontoon to the existing road network with car parking provided on the lower levels of the larger pontoons.


Floating Homes Plan Outline 2


Typical facilities will include:

  • Mix of floating homes, holiday homes and houseboats with a communal greenspace
  • Core pontoon with commercial/leisure uses, waterside promenades bars and restaurants and a public open space above a lower level car park
  • Destination building: Clubhouse, restaurant, visitor centre
  • Hotel with waterside bars and restaurants, direct access to boat moorings.

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