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What is a floodplain?

True floodplains are those areas of land that are regularly or periodically flooded by rivers - this could happen every year or every 30 years.

There are different categories of floodplains and some areas that are only at risk of flooding once evrey 1,000 years or so are still causually referred to as floodplains.

Traditionally, many settlements were built on floodplains for several reasons, event thought they where susceptible to flooding, due to the need for a settlement to be situated close to water coupled with other factors including the fertility of the land due to it's lose sedimentary nature and often because flat areas are easier to develop than areas with rocky outcrops.

In reality, very few modern houses are built on true floodplains. However, as land becomes increasingly costly and as new floating structures become available these areas are becomming increasingly attractive. Contact us on 01625 400 802.