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House Boats in the UK

A houseboat is a floating structure that has been designed or modified to be used primarily as a dwelling. Houseboats are either mobile or static floating dwellings.

Canal narrowboats are the traditional design of houseboat used as floating homes in the UK, these also make up the majority of the holiday houseboat stock. Narrowboats were originally used for transporting raw materials on canals. Nowadays, canals are mainly used for recreation and are providing a new opportunity for alternative housing.

Today, there are hundreds of converted ships, barges and other boats being used as floating houses and floating homes by many families around the UK. The Houseboat Centre is in Hoo St Werburgh.

At present there are over 15,000 people living on houseboats of various shape and design in the UK. These houseboats can be found on canals, rivers and coasts; in cities, in the country, in marinas and in harbours. Most of these are permanently moored.

As people are increasingly looking for alternative housing options, Floating Concepts is able to offer modern floating structures designed to the highest standards, for more information contact us now.

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