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B2B MORTGAGE. Thu 13th January 2011
Thu 13th Jan 11 - 15:22

"Floating Leisure Village Planned in Glasgow"

A floating commercial development site is planned for the city of Glasgow.

Glasgow is set to feature the world's first floating leisure village, with Floating Concepts planning to make property investment in a river-based commercial development.

The Canting Basin docks site is situated around a mile from Glasgow city centre, with the new buyers planning to invest £30 million on proposals that will create shops, offices, houses and an arena.

David Beard, chief executive of Floating Concept, said: "The iconic nature of a floating village will turn the Canting Basin into a major attraction quite unlike any other in the world, as well as being a dynamic centre for local people and businesses."

Mr Beard also asserted that all great coastal cities own a prime waterfront location and now Glasgow can be included in the category.

Meanwhile, British Land has confirmed an agreement to purchase and renovate London's Marble Arch House property.

Under the contract, the company will pay £18 million for the site.

Posted by Hadji Singh

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