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Floating Concepts - Spreading The Word
Tue 2nd Nov 10 - 14:25

Our team have been busy over the last few months contributing to conferences and workshops on water space regeneration and development across the globe.

On the 4th March, David Beard spoke to the Architectural faculty at Sheffield University.  This was the first time that the students had received a formal presentation from a Development practitioner and David engaged the students in a lively discussion on how water should be treated as a development medium in an industry that has been primarily focused on land attributes.

Derek Cochrane visited Kuala Lumpur during the middle of March to take part in a final series of workshops with Malaysian water and planning specialists which will culminate in the production of River Basin Management plans.  These plans will be the means by which water quality in the rivers and lakes of Malaysia will be improved and lead to higher social and economic benefits.  Derek continues to be impessed by the pride Malaysians take in their environment.  They have the same challenges for their rivers and larkes as we do in Europe ... it's just hotter and they have iguanas!

On his return, Derek travelled to The Hague to speak at a conference related to the development and financing of common European waterway based projects.  Then in June he repeated his presentation in Norway.

Derek and David also attended a major conference during March, the World Floating Breakwaters Conference in Malaysia to discuss the latest technological developments in pontoon manufacture and other water based assets.

Amour PropreJane Wilby-Palmer visited Ruth Shepherd from Hugh Baird College at her end of year degree show in Liverpool on the 10th June.  Jane had provided information to assist Ruth with her final project, "Amour-Propre", a floating beauty and wellness salon.

The end of this month will see Derek visiting Jakarta, Indonesia with the UKTI to look at ways to establish floating developments abroad.  At the beginning of next year, David will be visiting the Dusseldorf 'Boot' Show.

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