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A houseboat that featured on an episode of 'Grand Designs' has washed up on a beach in Essex.

Grand Designs Houseboat 1

The 100ft vessel, which is covered in graffiti and has broken windows, was featured on the Channel 4 programme back in March 2007.

Grand Designs Houseboat 2

Viewers of the show will remember that London couple Christopher Miller and Sze Lui Lai were unable to complete the difficult project, despite spending £80,000 on the restoration.

Grand Designs Houseboat 3

The boat, which is made from reclaimed timber and corrugated iron, is believed to have remained moored - and unoccupied - in the Thames Estuary since the show aired.

Steve Morgan, who runs a cafe near the beach, told Metro: "I did not know what it was at first. Then I saw the roof and realised it was the boat from 'Grand Designs' - it looked very strange just sat there opposite our cafe. We have had loads of customers down here, all talking about it."

Reports suggest that the boat washed up after breaking free from its mooring over the weekend. It isn't known if the couple featured in 'Grand Designs' still own it.


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RICS Thu 20th January 2011

Global Spending on Supply and Water Infrastructure

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ARCHITECTURE TODAY Thu 20th January 2011

Architecture Today

AMSTERDAM Liquid assets: Chris Foges reports on Marlies Rohmer's floating housing.

Steigereiland is the first in a chain of artificial islands that makes up Ijburg, an extension to Amsterdam that stretches into the Ijmeer to the east of the city.  Bisected by a highway and tramline, the western half comprises housing on dry land; to the east is a basin enclosed by dikes.  Here the island is reduced to an outline, the narrow embankment that runs around the edge of the basin.  Outside is the Ijmeer and a distant scene that recalls seventeenth century landscape painting: a man-made creation of meadow, water and the infrastructure that joins and separates them under a huge sky.  Inside, two clusters of floating houses form the largest such community in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam-based Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer designed 75 of the 200 houses and a 200 metre-long waterfront mixed-use building comprising apartments, shops, offices and underground parking.  A row of terrace houses, perpendicular to the commercial building, perches on the edge of the dike, supported at the rear on stilts that drop into the shallow water.  The floating houses are arranged in the space between, linked to a network of jetties, with movable bridges marked by hour-story houses on piles.  The urban design intention, says Rohmer, was to create ‘a pleasantly untidy character'.  Owners can choose the orientation of their houses, and the disposition of windows and cladding in the facades.  Some residents have already fitted cantilevered play-decks, or cobbled together small floating gardens.  The public jetties have been colonised with planters and benchers.  Everyone seems to have a bicycle outside the front door and a boat at the back.

The houses look like houses rather than houseboats, and the developer is keen that they should be recognised as such - mortgages and insurance are cheaper for houses than boats.  Although they can be moved for maintenance, the houses are securely fixed to steel piles and have no propulsion system.  Owners buy a perpetual lease on their patch of water and the lake-bed beneath.  Nevertheless, the law does not currently consider floating buildings to be real estate, and the houses are listed in the Register of Shipping.

There are two principal methods of making floating houses: either a foam block is encased in concrete to form the raft, or- as is the case here - the raft is a hollow concrete shell which forms a habitable, half0submerged room.  The raft and timber-framed superstructure were assembled in a covered dry dock at a former ship yard and towed 70km across the lake to the site.

Making a floating house water-tight and stable is reasonably straightforward; connecting it to land is less so.  Almost every point of contact between house and its surroundings, from rainwater run-off to fire escape routes, required an ingenious reinterpretation of standard practice or building regulation.  Sample problem: the water company objected that supply pipes in the jetties might freeze.  Solution: a heating element spirals around the pipe.  Problem: if water gets too warm it could incubate legionella bacteria.  Solution: thermostatically controlled valves discharge warm water into the lake.  Problem: you need a permit to discharge drinking water into a lake.  And so on, at great length.

The architects, developers, public authorities and utility companies were prepared to cooperate to overcome these problems was essential, and might owe something to the emphasis on consensus often said to be a national characteristic arising precisely from the need to work collectively to keep the water at bay.  In fact, the national strategy for managing water in the face of growing flood risk has abruptly changed direction in the last decade.  Rather than build every more dikes and dams, the Netherlands will relinquish space to water where necessary, and lean to ‘live with water' elsewhere.  This, together with high population density, accounts for the growth of interest in floating buildings for high-risk, low-lying areas.  Housing on water has been built or planned for towns including Maasbommel, Leuven and Almere, along with floating roads, greenhouses, swimming pools, public buildings and prisons (shades of Dickens).  Specialist contractors, consultants and architects are developing a significant body of knowledge about both the construction and maintenance of floating buildings and the aquatic environment.

The Netherlands has incorporated this technology into its thinking about architecture and cities in a serious, pragmatic way.  The very ordinariness of developments such as Rohmer's is a powerful counterpoint to the fantasy floating cities that recur in the margins of recent architectural history.  Where great energy has been expended on integrating Rohmer's housing with the city, the schemes promoted by libertarian seasteaders, technoputopians, eco-survivalists and other cranks are typically preoccupied by self-sufficiency and the desire to escape a ‘failing' society.  In dilute form these are ideas with seemingly wide appeal, and Rohmer's account of her project emphasises opportunities for ‘individualism'.  But in truth, while the romantic aspects of life afloat might work well as a sales pitch, it is the foundation of the city, its social and technical organisation, that make the project possible.  Floating housing is a reminder that, in the city at least, no man is an island.

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Seeing Is Believing - Liverpool Boat Show

More than 60 leading figures from the boating sector attended a trip to Liverpool to see the boat show site themselves for the first time.

Figures from the marine sector including media, manufacturers and dealers attended the latest Liverpool Boat Show Seeing is Believing familiarisation trip, during which time they toured the show site by foot and on boat.

The trip received such favourable reaction that another one is being planned for early December.

Attendees commented on the uniqueness of the setting for the show after seeing for themselves the spectacular surroundings of Liverpool's historic Albert Dock complex and its closeness to the bustling retail and entertainment districts of the city.

One visitor, Paul Gelder of IPC Media, summed it up by saying: "Why didn’t anyone think of this before? It's a no-brainer!" His colleague, Nick Hopkinson, added: "Off to a great start – and looking forward to being here in April."

Sarah Norbury, of IPC Media, said: "It’s a fantastic location for a boat show" while Paul Bayliss of RYA said the Albert Dock represented a great venue with great potential, adding that he was looking forward to finding out more about how they can engage with the show.

Sailtime’s Lucie Goodwin said: "Perfect location, great backing, why wouldn’t you take part?! Looking forward to joining you," and Graham Blair of the RNLI described the setting as brilliant.

Anyone interested in attending the next planned Seeing is Believing Tour in early December should email Luke Perry on luke@marine-industryevents.co.uk to express interest.

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Sceptre Sets Sail To The Liverpool Boat Show

One of the UK's best-loved yachts is set to make an appearance at the inaugural Liverpool Boat Show next year.

Sceptre was built in 1958 by a syndicate from the Royal Yacht Squadron to challenge for the America's Cup – the oldest trophy in international sport.

Only three years after its golden jubilee, Sceptre will be coming to the Liverpool Boat Show as part of a collection of legend vessels which will be on display to visitors throughout the show running from 29th April to 8th May 2011.

Chris Ball from the Sceptre Preservation Society is heading the team which will bring the yacht, believed to be the only UK America's Cup chal! lenger still sailing in British Waters, to the show. He said:

"The inaugural Liverpool Boat Show will make another important entry into the colourful history of Sceptre."

"The team at Sceptre Preservation Society who work to keep the boat at its best have spent some time in Liverpool before and we are delighted to be bringing Sceptre back to such a historically rich area - It is a fantastic setting and opportunity to build interest in the preservation of the history of yachting and in helping to secure the future of Sceptre."

James Gower, Event Director of the Liverpool Boat Show, added: "We are delighted to welcome a legen! d of the boating world back to Liverpool. It adds yet another level of diversity and variety to the hundreds of attractions currently listed to appear at the event."

http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/sceptre-sets-sail-to-the-liverpool-boat-show.html http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/sceptre-sets-sail-to-the-liverpool-boat-show.html Thu, 28 Oct 2010 12:51:00 GMT
Liverpool To Open London Embassy

Liverpool Boat Show is to have a major presence at a Liverpool 'Embassy' which is being opened in the heart of London.

Liverpool's Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai, which ends in October, is to be transported to London to attract new investors, build tourism and market the city's universities to potential students. The 'embassy' will be set up for three months, starting at the beginning of January, in a central location in the Capital which is yet to be revealed. A number of major businesses will also use the 'embassy'.

Liverpool Boat Show, Managing Director, Rob Mackenzie said "The 'embassy' would offer a major platform to market the show to those with an interest in boating and to companies seeking high-end marketing and sponsorship opportunities."

He added: "The boat show is going to be one of the key events in Liverpool for coming years so it's natural that the city would offer us this platform to sell the opportunities it represents to potential corporate partners and to promote the show to visitors and tourists."

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Intermarine Float Your Boat

A LEADING Southampton pontoon manufacturer and designer will be the Official Supplier of the permanent floating pontoons for the Liverpool Boat Show.

Intermarine Ltd has been working closely alongside the show organisers and British Waterways for over a year, designing a new pontoon system and optimising layouts suitable for an event of this scale.

Scott Gaherty, Managing Director of Intermarine, said: "It is a major coup for us to be involved with a show of this scale and quality. From day one we wanted to be more than just the pontoon supplier and feel that our contribution of time, skills and resources, in addition to this supply contract, will be worth the effort."

Design of the new, bespoke, 4m wide pontoon system is now complete and production has started. The equipment is being designed to withstand the event crowd loading and will meet the strict quality and sustainability specifications as set out by Intermarine’s National Supply Contract with British Waterways.

The pontoons will use FSC certified decking and additional features such as recycled plastic fendering and low energy lighting are being considered for incorporation into the design. More information about Intermarine can be found online at www.intermarine.co.uk

An earlier announcement confirmed that British Waterways had invested £500,000 in Marine Industry Events to partly enable this project.


http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/intermarine-float-your-boat.html http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/intermarine-float-your-boat.html Thu, 23 Sep 2010 11:41:00 GMT
Six Figure Deal For Liverpool Boat Show

Liverpool Boat Show has signed a three-year deal, with an option to extend, worth £300,000 with one of the UK's leading providers of quality outdoor catering.

Heathcotes Outside, which was founded by award-winning celebrity chef Paul Heathcote and his business partner Gary Bates, has been appointed to provide corporate and consumer hospitality at the event.

One of the highlights of the deal will see a unique floating restaurant constructed on the Salthouse Dock in the heart of the show site. The deal also includes the  Guinness Bar, signed exclusively through Diaggeo, to the Liverpool Boat Show only.

The boat show is expected to attract more than 400,000 visitors and will be based in Liverpool's iconic Albert Dock.

Heathcotes Outside is renowned for providing high end restaurant standard food on a mass scale. The company provided all the catering for the Liberal Democrat conference which took place in Liverpool this week and has catered for global stars such as Beyoncé and Lady GaGa when performing at the city’s ECHO Arena.

Gary Bates, Managing Director of Heathcotes Outside, said: "We are delighted to announce our involvement with the Liverpool Boat Show. It is set to be a fantastic event and we are excited to be a part of it."

James Gower, Event Director of Marine Industry Events, which is organising the Liverpool Boat Show, said: "I was impressed by Heathcotes' commitment to quality, creativity and customer service.

The show will be strongly influenced by its location and we wanted a company that had a similar appreciation of Liverpool, its culture and its food.

They were also extremely competitive on price, which is a benefit our visitors will notice."

Heathcotes Outside was founded in 1997. It holds a number of high-profile contracts across the region, including Liverpool's Echo Arena and BT Convention Centre, Lancashire County Cricket Club, Preston North End FC and Warrington Wolves RLFC.

http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/six-figure-deal-for-liverpool-boat-show.html http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/six-figure-deal-for-liverpool-boat-show.html Thu, 23 Sep 2010 11:39:00 GMT
Show Site Expands After Surge In Sign-Ups

The organisers of next year's inaugural Liverpool Boat Show have had to expand the show site after a surge of interest from exhibitors.

Kings Hall is a purpose built space which will house a wide range of marine products and services.

The hall will form the centrepiece of a new show entrance that will encompass the Aqua Theatre, Dinghy Park and Club House Pavilion, as well as the main show car parks, coach drop off and pick up points.

Space is selling rapidly and exhibitors will represent a wide range of companies from all areas of the industry.

Current sign-ups for the area include the Boating Business Marine Trades Pavilion, and will house companies such as International Safety Products, ASAP Supplies Ltd, Sail Ionian, Jeckells of Wroxham and Glaslyn Marine.

"We are very pleased to be part of what could be a very successful show.  A lot of boaters in this area have been neglected and with Liverpool looking to produce a unique show, this will certainly help revive new life in the Leisure sector.  It is encouraging to see local support from the authorities and development partnerships to hopefully make this a huge success and up there with one of the best boating shows in the World."  Shaun Wigley Operations Director ASAP Supplies Ltd

David Eastwood from Glaslyn Marine said: "At last, a national boat show in the North catering for Wales, the Midlands, Merseyside and beyond all of which makes up our core customer base.  We are delighted that the whole city and beyond seem to be 100% behind this event."

Chris Haylett from Jeckells said: "Jeckells the Sailmakers are proud to be associated with the inaugural Liverpool Boat Show.  In the past we have made sails for Sir Robin Knox-Johnston who is one of the driving forces behind the show.  It's a show that has been needed for many years now."

Luke Perry, Group Sales Manager at Liverpool Boat Show organiser Marine Industry Events, said: "The Kings Hall exhibitors represent another ringing endorsement for the Liverpool Boat Show and its place in the international show calendar.  The feedback that we are getting is that our exhibitors see this as a unique opportunity to gain a significant number of new leads that they currently don't see at other UK shows.  We look forward to welcoming many more companies over the coming months."

For more information, please contact Luke Perry on 020 7424 7897 or luke@marine-industryevents.co.uk


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BBC Radio Headlines At The Boat Show

BBC Radio Merseyside is to have a major presence at the Liverpool Boat Show. it is announced.

Plans are being put in place for the broadcaster to have a significant presence at the show, which could see scores of international and national boating and mainstream media organisations descend upon the event.

BBC Radio Merseysode is in talks with show organisers about a variety of ways it can engage with exhibitors and visitors.

BBC Radio Merseyside Editor Mick Ord said: "The boat show is going to be an incredibly exciting event for the city and we know our hundreds of thousands of listeners will want to experience all the atmosphere of the show."

"We're going to be talking to our BBC colleagues elsewhere in the UK about the broadcasting opportunities and will be considering how we can join forces with the boat show organisers to deliver the best possible coverage of the show."

"Liverpool's maritime heritage is incredibly strong so we know there will be huge interest in what is going to be a spectacular event and we aim to be there throughout the 10 days."

http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/bbc-radio-headlines-at-the-boat-show.html http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/bbc-radio-headlines-at-the-boat-show.html Tue, 31 Aug 2010 14:24:00 GMT
Motor Giant Signs Up To Exhibit At Show

Suzuki has become the latest world leading brand to commit to a major presence at the Liverpool Boat Show.

The company is taking 1,000 square metres of land exhibition space at the show as well as eight pontoon berths in the marina.  There they will be displaying the full range of outboard motors as well as power boats and RIBs. 

Four stroke outboards are the next big wave in marine power and Suzuki have developed a range which combine the latest four stroke innovations with 35 years experience of the marine engine sector.

Suzuki Marine count adventurer Bear Grylls and the Ellen MacArthur Trust amongst their customers.  The company also has a supply agreement with the Marine Society and Sea Cadets to be their preferred supplier of outboard motors.

Rob MacKenzie, Managing Director of boat show organiser Marine Industry Events, said: "Suzuki is a massive name in marine power with an enviable track record for innovation and quality.  We're delighted to sign them up for the 2011 boat show."

Gareth Lumsdaine, Sales & Marketing Manager for Suzuki GB's Marine Division, said: "The Liverpool Boat Show will enable us to take our products into an entirely new market at a show which will be unlike any other in the UK."

"We are very excited by what Liverpool has to offer in terms of the scale and spectacle of the event.  It provides us with the opportunity to showcase our engineering innovation and expertise to an audience drawn from across the north of the UK and the Irish Sea catchment and for these visitors to try our products on the water."


http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/motor-giant-signs-up-to-exhibit-at-show.html http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/motor-giant-signs-up-to-exhibit-at-show.html Tue, 31 Aug 2010 14:16:00 GMT
Glaslyn Marine Roars In

Glaslyn Marine is the latest exhibitor to sign up to display its new range at the Liverpool Boat Show.

The Porthmadog-based company will be exhibiting its Zodiac, Avon and Bombard range of leisure inflatables and Ribs.

David Eastwood, Managing Director at Glaslyn Marine described the upcoming event as "an ideal formula for a great show."

He added: "At last we have a national boat show in the north, catering for Wales, the Midlands, Merseyside and beyond. All of these places make up our core customer base, and we are delighted to have the chance to show off our latest ranges."

http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/glaslyn-marine-roars-in.html http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/glaslyn-marine-roars-in.html Fri, 13 Aug 2010 11:53:00 GMT
Two More Salts Step On Board

Organisers of the Liverpool Boat Show have announced the appointment of two further new members to the event team.

John Goode will lead the development and implementation of features being planned for the inaugural event next year. John is well-known throughout the marine industry for his years of experience both on and off the water and has had a successful role in crowd-pulling attractions at other major boat shows. A familiar face in just about every sailing club in the UK, John will be an enormous asset for attracting core boating enthusiasts.

Proprietor of the renowned Southern Sailing School, John commented: "It is a privilege to be part of what promises to be one of the most exciting UK boat shows ever, especially in a City so steeped in maritime history – and one that I last shipped out of ‘Australia bound’ as a young second mate over forty years ago. Times have changed, of course, but Liverpool is still the friendly, exuberant port it always was and justifiably retains its reputation as ‘the best run ashore’ by sailors past and present".

John's maritime careers expands from his time as a chief officer in the Merchant Navy, to the Southern Sailing School, campaigning editor and writer for several national boating magazines, as well as an RYA examiner and Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation.

Also joining the team is John Arthur, who is set to join the expanding sales department at Marine Industry Events.

John has worked in the marine industry for 40 years, 37 of which were spent in marine publishing at titles including Practical Boat owner, Sailing Today and Yachts and Yachting.

He is a keen sailor formerly representing Great Britain in yacht racing, and has extensive experience as a boat show exhibitor having done 33 London and 30 Southampton boat shows.

Rob Mackenzie, Managing Director of Marine Industry Events, said: "Getting both Johns on board is a real coup for the show. Their attitude to and connections in the boating industry will be an enormous advantage in attracting core boating enthusiasts and further exhibitors to the event."

Organisations wishing to support or participate in any of the features should contact John Goode on john@southern.co.uk or call 07711 082 861.

http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/two-more-salts-step-on-board.html http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/two-more-salts-step-on-board.html Fri, 13 Aug 2010 11:50:00 GMT
Why We're Backing The Liverpool Boat Show

"I am so pleased that we now have a major boat show in the North of England.  The foresight of the organisers to choose Liverpool and The Albert Dock as a location is brilliant and I am sure that this guarantees success.  We are delighted to have the opportunity to represent our dealerships on home ground." - Tony Rothwell, Managing Director, Shepherds Windermere

"As a manufacturer we have never liked going to a major show just after a Christmas break - making sure production got off to a good start was always difficult with key personnel at a show. A show in Liverpool at the beginning of the boating season is a welcome event and its location will mean that we will not only have customers from all over the country, we should see visitors from the rest of Europe. I believe that this show, if the current level of enthusiasm and funding continues, could challenge the 'big two' shows and break the monopoly on the south always being chosen to host such events. It's a also a refreshing change to see that the organisers realise that it takes everyone in the marine trade, from a one man band to the multi million pound companies, to make a show." – Phil Byrom, MD Warrior Boats

"We are delighted to be joining the long list of key Industry brand names for the inaugural Liverpool Boat Show next year. The inspired and innovative decision to hold a national boat show in such a wonderful location and surrounded by such a wealthy catchment matches our own creative and forward thinking company ethos. We are very much looking forward to being a part of what we believe will prove a significant new development in the UK and international boat show calendar." - Jeremy Watts, Director, ICE Marine Ltd

"At last and well deserved! As the North West Volvo Penta Centre, James Troop and Company Ltd look forward to Liverpool becoming one of the Major European boat Show locations. Troops have been in the Marine Business since 1867, only leaving Liverpool to locate in Runcorn in 2004 the NW hub for major Service and Motorway links. Our Dealers and Customers are looking forward to the event giving a global stage for all concerned. Volvo Penta will be represented at the James Troop stand, enabling owners and operators to review new Marine Product, Technology and Environmental advances." - Bob Troop, Chairman and Managing Director, James Troop & Co Ltd

http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/why-were-backing-the-liverpool-boat-show.html http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/why-were-backing-the-liverpool-boat-show.html Fri, 23 Jul 2010 12:07:00 GMT
Founder Partners Piped Abroad

MORE than 70 senior business figures gathered aboard the historic square-rigger, the Earl of Pembroke, to hear about plans for corporate involvement in the Liverpool Boat Show last week.

Companies from the city and from around the world including, Credit Suisse, Barclays Wealth Management, Nautors Swan and Ernst and Young, enjoyed hospitality aboard the ship when it docked in the Albert Dock as part of the city's On the Waterfront celebrations.

Boat show director James Gower told assembled guests: "We have reached the point where it has become clear that the Liverpool Boat Show is going to develop into one of Europe’s most spectacular shows.

"We already have a number of prestigious corporate partners on board, including Coutts and luxury jeweler Boodles, and we are delighted to see so many other businesses lining up to join us."

http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/founder-partners-piped-abroad.html http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/founder-partners-piped-abroad.html Fri, 23 Jul 2010 12:05:00 GMT
Clipper Investment Speaks Confidence

CLIPPER Marine, one of the UK's leading sail and power boat dealers, confirmed their massive line-up today.

The company is to bring 8 vessels to the event from across its ranges, which takes place from April 28 to May 9 2011 at the historic Albert Dock, Liverpool.

A range of Clipper Marine vessels including Bavaria, Bryant, Azimut, Storm will go on display during the show. They will range in value from £25,000 to £300,000.

Clipper Marine has offices in Hamble, Ipswich, Mallorca and London and is a one stop shop for both new and used sail and powerboats, service and spare parts sales.

Director Richard Hewett said: "The Liverpool show offers a major opportunity for us and our dealers to reach an area of the country that is seldom covered by large shows and we’re delighted to have the chance to engage with potential buyers from right across the UK and Ireland."

"Liverpool itself is an exciting city which has soaring tourist numbers and a rich cultural and retail outlook which make a compelling proposition for visitors."

"As a large exhibitor we can show our confidence in the show but also in introducing new customers in this region to the sport."

Rob Mackenzie, Managing Director of Marine Industry Events, said: "Clipper Marine is a company renowned for its quality and service and is a significant player in the European marketplace. The firm's management has demonstrated a far-sighted and innovative approach by making such a major investment in the show. We are delighted to have them on board."

The full list of Clipper Marine vessels on show in Liverpool next year is:

  • BAVARIA Cruiser 36                        

  • BAVARIA Cruiser 40                        

  • BAVARIA Sport 28        

  • BAVARIA Sport 38 HT                               

  • AZIMUT 38                          

  • STORM 22                            

  • BRYANT 210                        

  • BRYANT 233

http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/clipper-investment-speaks-confidence.html http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/clipper-investment-speaks-confidence.html Fri, 23 Jul 2010 11:59:00 GMT
Sunseeker London, Coutts, Brabners Chaffe Street and Boodles join forces for Liverpool Boat Show

A formidable collection of market-leading companies have joined forces to take part in the Liverpool Boat Show 2011 in a collaboration brokered by The Mersey Partnership, Liverpool Vision and Marine Industry Events.

The concept involves wealth management companies and professional firms such as Coutts and Brabners Chaffe Street sharing hospitality facilities with iconic luxury brands like Sunseeker and jeweller Boodles and then cross-marketing the opportunity to invite their top clientele to the Liverpool Boat Show.

The companies will share bespoke hospitality facilities on a floating private enclosure on the Albert Dock within the Sunseeker berthing area where at least four new Sunseekers, and possibly up to six of their latest models, will be on display.

Welcoming the announcement, Lorraine Rogers, chief executive of investment agency and regional Tourist Board The Mersey Partnership (TMP), said: "The level of enthusiasm amongst our corporate TMP members for the Liverpool Boat Show is extremely high. We're delighted to have helped broker this innovative and mutually beneficial tie-up between Coutts, Sunseeker, Brabners Chaffe Street and Boodles."

David Lewis, CEO for Sunseeker London, said "We're very pleased to be collaborating with Coutts, Brabners Chaffe Street and Boodles, and we may well be welcoming further luxury brands and professional firms to our Boat Show hospitality partnership. The corporate fit is perfect, and the potential for boat sales in the North West is enormous. I’ve been very impressed by the imagination and commitment of Liverpool as a city, and the organisers, MIE."

Ray Eugeni, Client Partner at Coutts in Liverpool, said "Many of our clients are committed sailors and boat owners and I'm sure they'll really enjoy the chance to mingle in a personal setting with other like-minded visitors at what should be an excellent event."

Deborah Ascott-Jones, Director of Business Development for Brabners Chaffe Street said, "We’re delighted to be working with Coutts, Boodles and Sunseeker in this venture. The Liverpool Boat Show provides an innovative opportunity to entertain our clients whilst profiling our range of expertise to our show partners and those attending the event either as exhibitors or visitors."

Rob Mackenzie, Managing Director of Marine Industry Events, said: "To have the collective clientele of such prestigious organisations circulating within the Liverpool Boat Show is brilliant for our event and offers potentia! l benefits to every exhibitor. We will shortly be announcing similar partnerships with other premium boat manufacturers, wealth management companies, professional firms and luxury brands. These are very potent promotional cocktails, and we’re busy mixing a few more - the appetite amongst the Liverpool corporate community for the Boat Show is fantastic."

http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/sunseeker-london-coutts-brabners-chaffe-street-and-boodles-join-forces-for-liverpool-boat-show.html http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/sunseeker-london-coutts-brabners-chaffe-street-and-boodles-join-forces-for-liverpool-boat-show.html Thu, 15 Jul 2010 12:15:00 GMT
Something Brewing At The Liverpool Boat Show

After months spent putting together the perfect blend of ingredients, Cains, Liverpool's award-winning brewery, has revealed it is to create an official Liverpool Boat Show Beer.

The exclusive beer will go on sale in more than 200 pubs and bars across Liverpool and the surrounding regions during the run-up to next year's event.

The last time the brewery created celebratory ale was to mark Liverpool's year as European Capital of Culture in 2008.

Ajmail Dusanj, Managing Director of Cains, said: "The Liverpool Boat Show is going to be a major event for the city, attracting tens of thousands of visitors for the first time."

Readers of the Liveprool Echo have been challenged to come up with a name for the beer which reflects the maritime theme and the fun nature of the boat show.

Rob MacKenzie, Managing Director of Marine Industry Events, said: "We are delighted to welcome Cains on board as an Official Supplier given their fantastic reputation for brewing award-winning cask ales and premium lagers. This is grass roots promotion at its very best."

http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/something-brewing-at-the-liverpool-boat-show.html http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/something-brewing-at-the-liverpool-boat-show.html Thu, 08 Jul 2010 12:26:00 GMT
British Waterways Makes A Splash At The Boat Show

We are delighted to announce that British Waterways has agreed to invest in the inaugural Liverpool Boat Show in a deal worth half a million pounds.

The organisation, which looks after 2,200 miles of the country's canals and rivers, is, in partnership with Marine Industry Events, co-funding the £800,000 project cost to install more than 600 metres of double-width, buoyancy-enhanced pontoons for the show. These will be permanently sited along the perimeter of the Albert and Salthouse Docks to create the infrastructure for the Liverpool Boat Show in 2011 and in the future. They will help continue the development and regeneration of the city's famous waterfront.

Julie Sharman, Head of Regeneration North for British Waterways, said: "We are delighted to be working alongside the team delivering the Liverpool Boat Show 2011 - it is set to be a great success and one which we are pleased to be a part of."

"The Albert Dock is an excellent venue for national events and it's great to be able to contribute towards the continued success of an area which has become a shining example of regeneration excellence."

Rob Mackenzie, Managing Director of Marine Industry Events, added: "With an organisation like British Waterways throwing their support behind us we are in really good shape to deliver a show like no other."

http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/british-waterways-makes-a-splash-at-the-boat-show.html http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/british-waterways-makes-a-splash-at-the-boat-show.html Thu, 08 Jul 2010 12:24:00 GMT
New Leader Backs Liverpool Boat Show

The new leader of Liverpool City Council has thrown his weight behind plans for the Liverpool Boat Show.

Councillor Joe Anderson, whose Labour group swept to power in Liverpool in the May poll, said the show would be an essential date on the city’s events calendar for years to come.

Councillor Anderson said: “We are extremely excited about the show. I will ensure the event’s organisers get every possible support from the city and we will be working hard so that all the public sector agencies in Liverpool pull together to produce a spectacle that stands comparison with the very best boat shows in the world.

“Liverpool’s maritime heritage is such that we know there will be massive public backing for the Liverpool Boat Show. It’s a show which is here to stay.”

http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/new-leader-backs-liverpool-boat-show.html http://floatingconcepts.text.co.uk/news/industry-news/new-leader-backs-liverpool-boat-show.html Thu, 27 May 2010 12:36:00 GMT