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Liverpool To Open London Embassy
Thu 23rd Sep 10 - 11:45

Liverpool Boat Show is to have a major presence at a Liverpool 'Embassy' which is being opened in the heart of London.

Liverpool's Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai, which ends in October, is to be transported to London to attract new investors, build tourism and market the city's universities to potential students. The 'embassy' will be set up for three months, starting at the beginning of January, in a central location in the Capital which is yet to be revealed. A number of major businesses will also use the 'embassy'.

Liverpool Boat Show, Managing Director, Rob Mackenzie said "The 'embassy' would offer a major platform to market the show to those with an interest in boating and to companies seeking high-end marketing and sponsorship opportunities."

He added: "The boat show is going to be one of the key events in Liverpool for coming years so it's natural that the city would offer us this platform to sell the opportunities it represents to potential corporate partners and to promote the show to visitors and tourists."

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