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Floating Concepts specialises in providing solutions for the development of water space which are tailored to suit the location. We undertake master planning & feasibility studies through conceptual to detailed design and planning. Public consultation can be an important part of this process.

Floating Concepts will also supply, or design and construct, bespoke buildings from individual floating dwellings or offices for small businesses to comprehensive mixed use developments incorporating hotels, apartment blocks, office, leisure and community buildings. Its design solutions can range from yacht marinas to houseboat developments; from small clusters of floating structures through to comprehensive mixed use schemes; from individual floating features to whole communities.

Our Mission is:-


  • To create sustainable, environmentally friendly developments on water.
  • To encourage people to enjoy the unique experience that being close to water provides.
  • Early in the design process, to recognise the amenity contribution made by the water space to its locationand to protect and enhance it.
  • To create solutions which are designed specifically for each individual location.
  • To encourage public participation by consultation at each stage of the design process
  • To create design ideas which place each individual, whether living, working or recreating, in harmony with the water and to ensure that the adopted solution provides benefits to the community at large

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