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Floating Concepts has exclusive access to Citylab at the Manchester School of Architecture.

Their expertise in advanced design and process issues of urbanism exposes sustainable synergies in the relationships between urban space and built form. This work addresses diverse areas including the use and design of infrastructure, processes of cultural engagement, land economics and energy use.

The combined expertise in the fields of Architecture, Urbanism and Bioclimatic Design is supported by advanced research activity undertaken through postgraduate level programmes which are coordinated by Citylab's directors. This rich environment allows innovative concepts to be developed, tested and delivered in a rigorous, critical manner exemplifying our belief in the mutually beneficial relationship between practice and theory.

Tom Jefferies is an architect with over 20 years of experience of cross-disciplinary working both in practice and academia. His interest is the design and cultural form of space at all scales. He is Course Leader of the MA Architecture + Urbanism, where radical ideas relating to the city are developed with a view to implementation. Working on the boundary between policy, planning, landscape design, architecture, cultural heritage and image, latent possibilities of context are uncovered and amplified to reveal new forms and configurations of urbanism.

Greg Keeffe trained as an engineer and has over 20 years of experience in sustainability, energy use and its impact on the design of built form and urban space. He is Head of Post-graduate Studies at Manchester School of Architecture. Greg is an internationally recognised expert in the field of Bioclimatic Design, developing innovative solutions to low or zero energy consumption built form. He has extensive experience of working at all levels, from governments through to architects and consultants to develop exciting ways of re-invigorating the city through innovative sustainable interventions. This informs and realises his work on the sustainable city as synergistic super-organism. Greg is currently acting as an expert advisor to the government of Uruguay to develop sustainable strategies at a national level.

Projects they have worked on include:

ATREA: Award winning component based user defined low energy housing. Prototype is currently under development in collaboration with Urban Buzz. Whitefield, Nelson, UK: Zero energy neighbourhood insertion in a heritage sensitive environment, incorporating public realm with bio-diesel fuelled cogeneration and underground inter-seasonal thermal store, with MacCreanor Lavington Architects, NL. Singapore Opera House: Passively cooled facade design with Atelier One Engineers, UK. Central Salford Vision, UK: Strategic vision towards a zero-carbon slow city, with Kees Christiannse & Partners, NL. Silverscreen, Warsaw and Gdynia, Poland: Innovative low energy lighting strategy for HOK International. Skelmersdale Urban Regeneration, UK: Strategic re-visioning of Skelmersdale New Town, with Wayne Hemingway Design. Plasti-city Manchester: Sustainable solar generated urban redevelopment proposal.

Floating Concepts also works with award winning Cass Associates. Cass Associates are respected specialists in waterside development and regeneration. Cass Associates work in partnership with Floating Concepts to take an intensely client-focused approach to their work, and have been very successful at creating and releasing asset value for clients, often in difficult, challenging circumstances. Since its founding in 1983, the Practice has focused on finding ways of meeting human demands on land which conserve rather than exploit the earth's natural resources. This is the essence of sustainable development.

  • In practice, this is reflected in four inter-related themes:

    making our towns and cities healthy and attractive
  • finding effective ways of recycling previously used land and buildings
  • reducing energy use and pollution in our buildings and transport systems
  • conserving both our natural and cultural heritage

    To achieve these goals we take a broadly based, creative approach to problem solving. Since 1983 we have developed and applied a range of multi-disciplinary skills to a wide range of projects throughout the UK and internationally. Over 700 projects have been successfully completed for over 100 clients in both public and private sectors.

Cass Associates Awards....

The Landscape Institute Jubilee Award, 2004
‘The Most Influential Landscape Scheme in the UK between 1970 and 2004'

Liverpool International Garden Festival

Green Flag Award 2004
Princes Trust Community Architecture, 1988
Everton Park, Liverpool

Civic Trust (Commendation), 2002
Colliers Moss Bridge, St Helens

BAE Systems Innovation Award, 2001
Woodford Aerodrome Infrastructure Development

RTPI Planning Achievement, 2000
Buckshaw Village, Lancashire

IEA Management Award, 1999
North West Cheshire Community Woodland Strategy

Liverpool Design Initiative - Best Building, 1998
National Pond Life Centre, Liverpool John Moores University

Civic Trust Centre Vision, 1998
Merseyside Civic Society, 1998
RIBA, 1997
Structural Steel, 1997
Birkenhead Bus Station, Wirral

Civic Trust, 1984
Landscape, International Garden Festival, Liverpool

Civic Trust, 1984
Arena Theatre, International Garden Festival, Liverpool