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The concept of sustainability is not new. Almost two thousand years ago, Vitruvius defined the principles of good design as "commodity, firmness and delight". At a time when sustainability is being used by almost anybody to justify almost anything, these principles serve us well in the search for solutions which are truly sustainable:

"Commodity" - does it function efficiently?
"Firmness" - will it last? 
"Delight" - does it please and satisfy those who use it?

Our modern world has new concerns , such as global warming, depletion of the earth's natural resources and eco-systems, the need to regenerate traditional industrial and urban areas, and the impact of these on human well being.

Floating Concepts takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and endeavours to always choose the most sustainable options. The ‘Waterliving' exclusive Danish houseboat designs, for example, include Co2 reduction options in relation to:-

  • Energy Efficiency: By utilising the latest technology, with careful design and construction considerations, their energy requirement has been reduced dramatically.
  • Renewable Energy: The use of renewable energy sources such as integral heat pumps and solar panels reduces Co2 emissions and, in some locations can get close to energy self sufficiency.
  • Selection of material: No chemically treated materials are used in the construction process and informed conscientious choices are made in the selection of products and materials.

Developing water space takes an under utilised and often under valued asset in the community from which it generates a viable and sustainable economic use. In many cases the water is also 'brown field' space.

Compared to developments on land, Floating Concepts developments cause the minimum of environmental impact at both ends of their life cycle and create flexible arrangements of floating buildings which can respond easily to changes in the dynamics of the community of which they form part.  By re-establishing wildlife around them, they can also make a positive contribution to the eco structure.

Sustainable economies need long-term viability and strong market support. Assets have to be used efficiently, the earth's natural resources have to be conserved, damage to the environment has to be prevented or repaired, and communities enabled to prosper.

Sustainability is about having confidence in the future. Floating Concepts is dedicated to creating exciting opportunities for everyone who wishes to participate in the unique new experience of  living, working or recreating, actually on, not merely overlooking, the water.

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