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Eco Houses

All of Floating Concepts suppliers design with the environment and energy saving measures in mind.... and specific details can be provided. 

Below you can read about some of the features which Waterliving incorporate into all the designs supplied by Floating Concepts:-

Heat Pumps - Geothermal heat is a proven technology which provides very efficient low cost heating to ordinary homes; in conjunction with one of the leading companies providing geothermal heat, Waterliving has develped a system which uses the same principles, but gains its heat from the water instead of land.  All Waterliving houseboats are now equipped with this type of heating.  The piping is encased in the ballast concrete in the hulls, creating an efficient transfer of the heat from the water.  It gives a saving of up to 60% compared to electric heating and heats both the water for general use as well as what is needed for the in floor heating.

Insulation Standards - As of April 2006 Denmark (where Waterliving is based) has implemented new, stricter insulation standards for house builders.  It is now required to have a minimum of 300mm in the roof and 250mm in the external walls.  In addition all glazing must be highly energy efficient with a U value of at least 1.1.  All Waterliving houseboats are built to meet or exceed these standards.

Solar Panels - Waterliving houseboats are prepared for the fitting of solar panels, with an accumulation tank in the hull.  This combination of Solar Power together with the heat pump creates the potential for a ZERO energy house.

Conscientious Design and Choice of Materials - Integrated into the design principles behind every Waterliving houseboat, is the understanding of facilitating natural air movement and pasive solar heating.  Waterliving are continually working to make their houseboats more environmentally friendly.  They refuse to use any chemically treated wood, makes conscious choices regarding our siding and flooring materials and uses as much reusable/recyclable material as possible.  There are no antifouling elements in their hull paints which could spoil the environment and all sewage is dealt with in a manner which leaves no trace on the site.

Urban renewal/low impact development.  Houseboats can be placed in blighted areas where previous industries have made it difficult or impossible to place other types of development ('brown sites').  On the other hand, houseboats and houseboat communities can in turn be removed with no trace or pollution left behind, if necessary.

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